The adventure continues…

After a chance meeting in the Red Haven tavern known as the Drunken Druid, five unlikely heroes— Borf Grundleshout, the dwarf fighter, Enzo the Quick, the half-elven bard, Grunnt, a Warforged elemental fighter forged in the fires of Ebberon, Lady Ophelia, a human life cleric, and Lothien, a dwarven cleric who unlike Ophelia worships a God of War— formed an unlikelier alliance. United unexpectedly, and after slaying a mad green hag and her two fiendish scarecrows, the five of them took a vote and decided to accept an offer from a Westerner adventurer, a pompous knight by the name of Martell Evenswylde, and join his expedition across the river and seek out just what had happened to the dwarven city of Hallowhall, which had vanished in the dead of night only three weeks ago…

While the the rest of the party headed back to the Drunken Druid in seek of post-battle drinks, Borf, who had killed the trickster hag, stayed behind in the alleyway when he thought he spied a satchel of gold. To his utmost surprise, when the dwarf reached out for the bag he found his vision go black and he was suddenly plagued by a series of visions in which he was forced to make the choice of who lives between his mother, and two of the four friends he had made that evening, Lothien, and Lady Ophelia. After choosing his mother and sacrificing Lothien and Opehlia to the shadows, the visions disappeared, and the town of Red Keep came back into focus. Shaking it off, Borf headed back to the Drunken Druid to join his comrades, he could hear the sound of distant laughter, and he could feel that he was being watched.

The next morning, the party was awoken by a well-dressed halfling by the name of Timmins, who had come to escort them to the town harbor, where their new employer’s vessel was docked. Enzo began playing a catchy tune for the crew of the Green Dragon, and the men promptly jumped into dance, singing along to Enzo’s makeshift song about cleaning a ship and how Borf was sneaking down below deck and how everyone had seen him. It was not much later that they set sail and began their crossing of the vast Llorellas River to reach the shores of Hallowhall.

Mid-journey, the skies above began turning grey, and then eventually black as a maelstrom of waves and rain suddenly overwhelmed the unsuspecting party and crew. To make the matters worse, when the members of the party ran to the Captain’s quarters, they found him to be possessed by a violent spirit. Once the cursed captain was dead, and the ghost that had possessed him vanquished, the weather seemed to improve and it was then that the boat came in contact with ground.

Journeying deeper into the mountain, the party came under the onslaught of what appeared to be dwarves covered in molten lava— later to be revealed to be the dead citizens of Hallowhall now returned as elemental haunts.

They managed to free King Ithir’dunn from his chains, but unfortunately, when Lothien attempted to lift the curse from the dwarven king’s pendant, it caused the curse infused within the pendant to complete itself, magically turning the king into a pile of ashes.

As the temple began to come down around them, the hooded figure laughed before waving his hands and magically summoning a portal directly behind him. Before running away, the strange figure called out, “Catch me if you can, heroes!”, as he vanished into the gateway.

With little options left, the party looked between themselves, and summoning all the courage they had left, stepped into the portal, unknowing of what adventures and dangers lay ahead…

The Age of Sevastis

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