DEMONS OF AoS (Age of Sevastis)


  • Demon of Ignorance and Gluttony
  • Eater of Worlds, Consumer of All


  • Demon of Fear and Paranoia
  • Spreader of Doubt, Speaker of Greed
  • Often seen as a small pig-like man.
  • He fools those around him into thinking him weak and innocent, and tempts his enemies into either attacking each other or killing themselves by getting into their heads and inspiring fear and doubt.


  • Demon of Burden and Depression
  • Often seen in the form of a diseased donkey or mule.
    Brings pestilence and sadness wherever it appears.
  • Once possessed by Ie-Yorei, the victims are slowly driven mad with a depressing angst and the clopping of hooves is forever heard in their minds. A small storm cloud follows you around as you tread mindlessly across the land towards the nearest temple belonging to the Cult of Ie-Yorei, a race of fiends known also by the name ‘The Burdened.’ These wretches seek to turn the world into a natural wasteland of decay. They sow death and rot wherever they go, turning entire forests into nothing more than decaying trees, making crops wither, their disease spreading far and wide.
  • The Burdened are known for their sigil, a single donkey’s tail nailed into their skulls, also known as a ‘pintail’ or ‘pin-the-tail’
  • They travel every where without the aid of horses. A few members are blessed each day to take on the form of the donkey to honour their saviour of decay and rot. As they do all the pulling of the carts and supplies is put upon them, increasing their ‘Burden’ in respect to their dark god. The greatest honour is to die from exhaustion while attempting to complete a task that of a beast of burden. Thus only prophecy and blessings from the rotten one himself allows a member to take on the task for more than a day. Its the only way that the burden of life is lifted, but death is only the beginning of its commitment to the Dark Donkey.
  • All his follows in death resign to eternal servitude in his infinite lair of rot. Gravity is much heavier in this layer of the abyss, and this causes all within his realm of the 567th Layer of the Abyss to slowly hunch over, as if carrying a tremendous weight that only gets heavier with age. Eventually their undead souls line the floor of the Donkey’s lair of rot, the gravity finally pushing them down to the point they become what the next generation of denizens live upon
  • “It is not known the number of souls that line the floors of the temples of Eeyore. Only that they are continually rebuilt century after century. Souls gained through converts, conquests, and mere cultist curses. Some sit atop of mountains of flesh others as a wretched island among the endless oceans of putrid decay.” – A passage on the 567th layer of the Abyss from the Demonicon of Iggwilv
  • The followers of the Dark Donkey keep building the temple higher around the rising floors, the bodies of their previous generation providing the mortar.


  • Demoness of Torture
  • Mother of Chains


  • Demon of Greed
  • Hoarder of Souls, Keeper of Worldly Objects
  • Often depicted as a sickly looking rabbit, foaming at the mouth, bloodshot eyes, sores all over.
  • He sits atop a hill of gold, furniture and sentimental belongings, all claimed from the lives of its victims.


  • Demon of Chaos, Mayhem and Deception


  • Demon of Nightmares, Hallucinations and Mirrors


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