Martell Evenswylde

Employer of the Party #Idiot


Martell Evenswylde is best described as fairly clean cut man, depending on the hour of course. He tends to be dressed in moderate to fine clothes, but even in rags it is hard not ignore his well-bred chiseled looks and his curly blonde hair. However, though Martell excels in good looks and in status, his family’s pure blood and fortune did not bless him with a high intellect.


Hailing from the south-western continent of Ithsmire, Martell comes from a highborn family of traders and merchants. However, unlike his brothers and sisters and the generations before them, Martell decided instead of mastering the ways of the coin and trade, he turned towards a life of at sea, eventually finding himself drifting back and forth between the many booming cities that made up the Western Isles.

It was while in a bar that he met a local gladiator named Throk, whom he immediately came to call as a friend. Over the course of the evening, Martell managed to convince Throk to join him on a journey eastwards in search of dungeons filled with gold, crypts teeming with monsters, and adventures untold.

Eventually Martell caught wind of the mysterious vanishing of the dwarven city of Hallowhall, and with Throk at his side made his way across the vast continent to make rest at the small town of Red Haven. After purchasing a small vessel to take him across the river, Martell came upon a group of adventures, and he stood back and watched as they slew two scarecrows and their green hag mistress.

Martell Evenswylde

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